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Updated on a weekly basis... (or so I hope)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This Geek's Week...

This week felt like a bit of a "Pathfinder Week"...

- Finished up the last two light jacks from my Convergence Battle Box.  (which I posted earlier this week)  I've now moved on to working on my Corollary and Optifex Directive unit.

- Played a bit of the Pathfinder ACG this week,  starting off by running Lini through the "poison pill" scenario.  This time around, I managed to find and defeat the villain at each turn, and came away with a new pet snake and tiger for Lini!  I then ran her through "Black Fang's Dungeon", where she easily swatted aside the black dragon and his undead minions.  She then breezed through the attack on Sandpoint and Local Heroes, but struggled a little bit through the Trouble in Sandpoint scenario.

- I also played a game of Rampage and the L5R version of Love Letter with my 4 yr old daughter.

- Played a game of the Star Trek Deck Builder.  It was fun, but took waaaay too long imho.  The game took 3 hours to complete, and for most of it (2 hours worth) I couldn't do much of anything, fight any ships, or complete many missions as I couldn't upgrade my ship.  Really, the fun vs time ratio was off...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Completed Convergence Battle Box!

 Having only just recently decided to give Warmachine/Hordes another go, I settled on the Convergence of Cyriss as my new, main faction.  It has probably been a year or more since I actually painted anything for WM/H.  All in all, I'm pretty please with how they turned out.  More detailed pictures are below...

Monday, July 14, 2014

This Geek's Week...

Spiritseer WuhSawBe is happy cuz he just found the perfect necklace to go with his dress!

- Worked on painting up my convergence battle box.  So far, I have finished up the Cipher Warjack and Syntherion.

- Got the decals and weathering all finished on my FoW stuff. Now my army is 100% completed!

- Played a few rounds of WoT:Blitz on my phone.

- Worked a bit on my MYTH Stalkers.

- Picked up the Iyanden book for 40k.  After Warmachine, I think I'm gonna work on a 40k army next.

- Picked up a Corollary and Optifex Directive for my Convergence.

- Played a game of x-wing, using 2x Saber Squadron with push the limit, Turr, and Fel against several random named TIE pilots and a defender.  I lost, but managed to take down 2 pilots before I died.

- Played 4 games of the Star Wars LCG, winning one.

- I painted all the bases and stands for x-wing black, the idea being, not only would it look cool, but it would also help tell my ships apart from my opponent's.  I also marked the sides on all my tokens, so I can tell them apart as well...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thoughts on L5R as an LCG...

I recently received a pack of Legends of the Five Rings (L5R) promo cards in the mail from the Imperial Herald, which given how the game kind of imploded overnight at my LGS, is like getting a love letter from a dead lover which had been lost in the mail for a year.  I just miss that game, oh so much!  Recently, I asked some of the individual players just what had killed the game for them, and I got the typical responses I kind of expected: "too expensive, I couldn't keep up."  "I didn't like having to purchase a $100 set just to feel competitive." (I.e. Forgotten Legacy) "my decks have no chance vs clan X".  "It's just like MTG, whomever has the most cards in his collection, wins."  Recently, I got to thinking, would having an LCG format for L5R solve all these issues so we could all just get back to playing L5R?